Welcome to Our Talent Community

Thank you for joining our talent community. Here are some of the tips to increase your chances of getting an interview. When ready, proceed to the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to submit your applications for <%= Position Title %> at <%= Company Name %>. As a next steps, you might be prompted to login, or create new account. If you have previously applied at <%= Company Name %>, login with your account. Otherwise create new account.

Tips to increase your chances of getting an interview:

  • It is best to apply for newly posted jobs. If the posting is few days old, there might already be few strong candidates already getting interviewed, or negotiating their offer letters.
  • Some job postings will get hundreds of applicants within a day. If you suspect that’s a case, you can try adding Emoji as part of your first and last name to help stand out among hundreds of applicants. (For example, applying as “⭐John Smith⭐”)
  • Most recruiters will reach out to you using email. However, some might call or even you a text messages. Make sure to provide reliable email and phone number, and that you monitor them for the next few weeks.

Other helpful information

  • When submitting an application there might be some questions designed to eliminate unqualified candidates such as if you are under 18 years old, or require work visa sponsorship. Answer honestly, but do know that your answer might either make you ineligible, or rank you with a lower score.
  • Most systems will require you to create an account as a first step of an application process, or at the end. This is so that they can conact you. If you have already applied to <%= Company Name %>, you should login with email & password that you used before. Otherwise, click Create Account when prompted to login.